“Xiaomi” gonna beat “Asus”against higher Selling

According to “Taiwan-based supply chain makers” the 8 millions smart-phone of Asus are expected to ship in 2014. ZenFones are running successfully in the home town & also in Asian countries. But Good demands & selling are not seen in other countries, such as : UK, USSR , Brazil & many more.


According to the previous news from Asus, the first target for selling of the smart-phones is about 16 millions in upcoming year 2015. But the brand “Xiaomi” is the challenging brand against Asus because of it’s cheaper rates & providing all the qualities provided by Asus as well.

So, Xiaomi will make it more tougher for Asus to increase it’s sell next year according to it’s target.

Since, Xiaomi is the world’s 3rd biggest smart-phone maker Chinese company so has good immunity to make it’s price lower than the Asus & make it more affordable.

As we already mentioned in previous article that CES 2015 is fixed to be held in the month of January. So, Asus is going to unveil some new devices of ZenFone in which we will be able to see 5.5-inches device too. The ZenFone which will be unveiled in CES may be powered by Inter Chipsets.

The minimum expected price from Asus Intel-powered ZenFone is around $ 329.

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