Windows 10 preview…!!

Windows has brought really very new features in the technical market with many unexpected applications/functions & graphic support. Since many years Microsoft is running in every computer system as a best OS.

Windows 10:-

Now its been very clear & confirmed by the Microsoft that the Next version of Microsoft Windows will be named as Windows 10 instead of Windows 9. But the question of the user is “Will it be similar to Windows 8 or 8.1?”. The answer would be unexpected telling that it will be mixture of Windows 7 & 8.1 . it will be supportive for every devices of Microsoft. i.e, Phones,Tablets,PCs,Laptops..!!

Windows 10:- How will it look like?

Most probably, the new visual style of Windows of tiles since Windows 8 has appeared . windows 10 will also have the similar tiles but we can add/remove tiles & can vary the sizes of every tiles as required. Besides all these, every segment will have the similar look , like search will be appeared at the right side of the screen & others too.


Windows 10:– Want Demo?

Basially the Demo OS is already available in the internet & market which can be risky to operate but the real version of Windows 10 will be little different & more interesting. Now the users are crazily waiting for releasing of Windows 10 Original version.   

Windows 10:- Release Date..!!

Microsoft Company has also confirmed that the Windows 10 will officially be available in the market from the month of April in 2015 OR can be at the end of the year.

But its highly recommended that Windows 10 should only be used by highly experienced users or for special task only.

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