“Vivo”..! As the technology is rapidly building up with a drastic speed , the demand & expectations of the advanced users regarding smart phones is increasing. First there was need of a gadget to make life easier but besides that looks/size/shape also has become a basic need.


Like , “OPPO” the new smart phone in the market was known & still famous for it’s latest technology & slimmest phone. But the new gadget called Vivo has beat the OPPO  brand with its slimmer size of 3.8mm(0.142”) which is even more slimmer than the Apple Iphone 5s. This quality makes it more unique than others & attract the smart phone users.


Right now the most slimmest phone in the world is Gionee Elife S5.1 which is 5.1mm .So, according to all these Vivo smart Phone gonna be very interesting & as expectation will have higher sell in the market because then it will be the SLIMMEST phone in the world..!

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