Update Arrival on Friday for HTC One (M8) & HTC One (M7)

As the news was given to the HTC lovers that within 90 days after the arrival of Lollipop the HTC would release an update for the Google Play edition One (M8) & One (M7). On this Friday the update will be launched.


According to the comment on Twitter by HTC’s VP of Product Management i.e, Mo Versi that if everything goes with the plan then OTA will arrive within next 48hours regarding GPE devices.

Also non-GPE HTC users are also having an expectation for the development of Android 5.0 Lollipop for the devices.

After the update of HTC One (M8) & HTC One (M7), Android 5.0 update will be launched soon for HTC One mini & HTC One mini2.

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