SONY XPERIA Z3 Experts Review,Price,Features,Drawback

SONY XPERIA Z3 Experts Review,Price,Features,Drawback :-

Again the new Generation of Sony has been brought up with a huge traffic collection in the SONY field. The new “Sony Xperia Z3” Android based OS.The followers of the series of Sony Xperia were obviously in seek of latest technology,support,apps in new series of Xperia i.e, Z3.So, lets go to them & check the review of Sony Xperia Z3…!!


Every Gadget holder check out the design,manufacture finishing while holding it on hand. There is no doubt in the stylish ooks,body of Xperia series while it always comes in shiny,attractive & smooth design.
So, Z3 version of Sony Xperia has come up with no difference in the looks with the body parts. It has the same body design & same screen size of 5.2” with same placed camera + LED flash,speaker,plugin of charger,headphones..!! which describes that the Xperia lovers will feel no difference in the stylish look of Z3.

But mainting the same screen size of 5.2” screen it has been made more slimmer comparing to past version of Xperia Z2. The edge of the gadget is glass made with rounded shape & has reduced 10Gram of weight in comparision of Z2. Its as always water proof which always makes feel safer with strong body finishing.
This Gadget has arrived with different color patterns i.e, Black,White,Browny Pink & Greenish Grey.SONY XPERIA Z3


As explained , Xperia Z3 has arrived more slimmer. It has the Snapdragon quad core processor. It has 3GB of RAM memory. Xperia lovers will get either 16 GB or 32GB internal memory which depend on their requirement but they can modify it by inserting microSD slot upto 128 GB. The Z3 moves on the Android 4.4 kitkat , but its filled with the applications & features from Sony.


As the expectation was by 81% Sony Smart Phone users in the camera quality. The difference brought in Z3 in comparision of Z2 is Null.The camera will give the same image/video quality as it was given by the Z2 version of Xperia. The same 20.7MP with G lens technology again.
Keen Absorbers & Some keen analysers will recognize the difference ..!! i.e, ISO compatibilities in Z3 is moved on 12800, which get rid of the noises in Video capturing mode . The lens i.e, G lens is made 25mm wider than the previous one which makes a big difference in the landscape mode of the pictures clicked by the phone.

The pictures are always as clear & crisp in every visualization mode which gives big satisfaction in camera quality with Video & Photograph.
The problem of 4K footage. As the users were complaining for heating of the gadget while capturing 4K footage has been almost solved but the SONY still recommends to capture no longer 4K footage than 2 minutes.


This time a new audio quality has been added to new series of Xperia Z i.e, high-res audio. It allows to use both hi-fi quality audio & Normal tracks. DCEE HX is the new technology added but its really difficult to say whether it makes any difference in Audio quality or not.
According to keen observers it only modifies the 2D audio to 3D ..!!Over all its similar & high.

Screen & Gaming Experience:-The theory of Sony Xperia Z3 & Sony Xperia X2 is similar of Full HD resolution, X-Reality engine. But the drastic change brought in Xperia Series is only the screen quality. Lets move to them…!
In Plane Switching (IPS)for LCD brings really very good color reproduction. It improves the photos & videos color & quality on the screen of the phone. The vast difference in positive way & made the phone more better is the screen can be made more brighter upto 600 candelas , which is 50% + more than Xperia Z2. You people must think it is more battery consumer.!! Can’t say … but it really makes good experience.

All these combinations makes the gaming experience more interesting & cristal clear. It can be connected to a gaming console joystick via Bluetooth & enjoy the real gaming ride. Phone can be place on a desk & still can remain connected to the joystick.


As the past versions , this time the Z3 has come with the same battery strength of 3100mAh after the long request in improvement in batter life but no change. The phone can run up 13 hours ,27 minutes watching continuos video which is impressive. 16 hours on talk time of 3G network & stand by mode of 740 hours while stands by of 890 hours on 2G.

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