SONY updates to Android 4.4.4.

Yesterday,On 4th November. Sony has rolled out an update for the two different but similar devices those are Xperia Z2 TAB & Xperia Z2. The update has been released but it depends on the devices location or which country’s registered device it is.


This update will bring a good change in the OS & changes in the App.

  • The devices will get an interesting update by which users can use their phone as Play Station 4 Remote Play which means they can connect it to their games of PS4 & enjoy it.
  • Xperia Z2 will get an addition playback options of music of PCM & DSD audiofiles through the 3.5mm jack in addition to USB.
  • The users will be able to change the setting of their Headphones in the device for better audio quality.
  • Xperia Z2 will have a better update for Camera apps for better camera picture capturing mode.
  • Also it will get better Battery backup strength & will work more in standby mode.
  • This time there will be a Smart Screen Rotation mode which will prevent from unwanted rotation of the screen.

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