“SEL” releases it’s 8.7”, 3-Fold LED touch Display..

“Display Innovation 2014 trade” show was conducted in Yokohoma City of Japan. In that program Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) introduced a Display of 8.7-inches Display which was Super AMOLED with Touch sensitivity & it can be folded in 3 flips. It was really an unique display to see. It has 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution with a pixel density of 254ppi.  


Also, SEL introduced it’s smaller version which was smaller in screen size of 5.9-inches but no touch screen & supported 720p resolution. There are no other informations regarding this.


It was also told in the Seminar that 3-Foldable Display of 8.7” is foldable upto limited times.i.e, 1,00,000 times & the bending radius could be of 2 & 4 (mm) radius.

These are the details revealed there but to get the display you will need to pay extra $Dollars in larger amount.

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