Reasons for Samsung to create A-Series against Xiaomi

Samsung is incredibly working for the best result of Samsung Galaxy A— series. While best results are expected & curiousity is increasing of the customers regarding the price & many more.

“Xiaomi” is the 3rd largest smart phone manufacturing company all over the world & Its being a competitor of “Samsung”.

Recently smart gadget are launched by both the companies .i.e,

  • Samsung:- Samsung Galaxy note 4, September, 2014.
  • Xiaomi     :- Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9, June, 2014.

Now Samsung wants it’s New smart phone to be launched before any Gadget of Xiaomi releases. so, this is the main reason for Samsung to focus on best result of A series.

Firstly there is also a reason for launching the phone in China market first to increase it’s selling & priority. So hoping for good result because “A” series of Samsung was created just to compete with Xiaomi.

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