Samsung Ativ S Neo got updated to Windows 8.1

The current updated OS i.e, Windows 8.1 is spreading in all other devices except Microsoft devices. While Nokia devices were the first to have the Windows OS but now Samsung also got the Windows 8.1 OS.

The latest Samsung Ativ S Neo of AT&T’s is now running in its process of being updated with Windows 8.1. It is very obvious that update will bring many changes in the device which will be fascinated & will be loved by other brand device users.


There are many new features included after the update. In the new update we can :-

  • It has got the “Cortana” which works as a reminder.
  • We can add our own tile as required with shape & design with our uniqueness.
  • We can move our fingers on typing keyboard as a xesture to enter a word.

For updating your Samsung Ativ S Neo make sure the battery has got 50% charge because it takes a longer time to be completed.

Updating methods:-

  • Go to the Menu.
  • Click on Setting.
  • Click on phone update.
  • Rest of work your phone does.

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