Panasonic Smart Double sided phone

“Panasonic” is the branded phone which creates it’s own function/features with new technology. It is the smartest company of Japan regarding the smart phones. As every user knows,it never copies any functions of any other brand which makes its own identity in the market.

It is the First phone which implemented the first software in the phone which normally follows the human voices as a talkative software. It has it’s own different designs & attractive physical appearance unlike other phones.

New Expectation:-

As the generation is getting fast forward in terms of technology. The hope of Double Sided Screen Smart phone is only from Panasonic rather than Apple & Nokia because its very obvious with the judgement of the modern performances of the Panasonic is very impressive & gaining more expectation for better technical improvement for better experience.



Firstly every gadget lover has a question. i.e,

à“What will be the battery backup?” or “will it require 2 different batteries?”

Ans:- normally its stupid to think of using 2 different batteries in same phone in such a modern technology. There will be different method to increase the battery strength with different process.

  • “Will both the screen will perform different tasks?”

Ans:- There are many chances of performing different tasks at same time with 2 different screens & increase its selling in the market.

Expectation of Revealing of the Phone:-

Most probably in the beginning of the month of the April of 2016, its possible for Panasonic to produce such a phone which has screen on both the sides.

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