No Update for Lumia Denim in 2014

Already the GDR1 update for Windows Phones with 8.1 is already released by Microsoft while fleet & Denim update was supposed to be released in this month. For Lumia devices a special update was created i.e, Denim which was focusing on the Camera quality & to improve it also it would include the voice prompt called “Hey, Cortana”.


But O2 in the UK said against the releasing date for the update, it is saying that the update will not arrive in this year instead it will appear in the beginning of the January,2015. O2 UK users forums claimed few days before that Microsoft hasn’t sent any software yet for the testing.

A promise is made by O2 that it will soon complete the testing & approve it very soon. The 2 average ranged phones have launched with Denim inbox in further manufacturing.

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