New Tougher Gorilla Glass 4 by Corning

A very popular Gorilla Glass has unveiled it’s new Gorilla Glass 4 by Corning. It is very protective & protects from harsh accident & fall from 1 meter. It can be used very roughly which can still protect the device from getting any damage.


Corning assures that the Glass is 2 times stronger than the other products. On the comparision of newer Gorilla Glass 4 from the current Glass 3, the conclusion is very positive for Latest Glass 4. Gorilla Glass 4 is 0.3mm slimmer than the Gorilla Glass 3 though it is more stronger. It also created an example to show that the Glass can be more stronger & durable being thinner.

Gorilla Glasses are running with a Tag of best Screen-Guard since 2007. The newer Gorilla Glass 4 will be seen in the market from the January of 2015.

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