MOTOROLA Nexus 6 released in other Countries

Currently Nexus 6 is available only in US country because of which the peoples of other countries are not able to buy it. But now the peoples who are willing to purchase it, Google has brought a good news that it is now available in 12 different countries.


Right now the peoples wont be able to purchase Motorola Nexus 6 but can see the MRP. The 12 different countries where will be available soon are given below:-

  1. United Kingdom
  2. India
  3. Netherlands
  4. Japan
  5. Spain
  6. Belgium
  7. Australia
  8. France
  9. Italy
  10. Germany
  11. Sweden
  12. Canada

As its already mentioned above about its availability. The phone is not purchasable now but can see the price but at the end of this month the phone will be available but only in limited stocks.

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