More Protection Mobile PIN security

In today’s time everybody has a smart-phone even a Kid uses it. Now-a-days people like to keep security PIN code in their mobile phones to keep their important files/photographs/videos etc safe & stay relaxed.

The smart-phone being used this time is only touchscreen . But still with security PIC code many people want to see others phone & check the file so they keep on watching other typing pattern of Code & try them & they get success to it.  

A big solution has brought to it by CyanogenMod, It is about the security of the device. Normally when we create a PIN code the numbers from 0-9 are positioned on their regular places but with the help of this unique creation the positions of all the numbers changes everytime we try to unlock the phone. Like this the person judging the phone everytime cannot guess or hack the phone.


Right now , it seems that this software can work only in CyanogenMod which support OnePlus One. Its not clear whether it gonna ba available for Open-source installation.

It is already available in the CyanogenMod 12 which is based on Android Lollipop based devices.

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