Microsoft Lumia update arriving soon.

At the end of this year Lumia devices are going to be updated to an interesting details.It is going to be released for all the devices running on Windows OS ,even in Windows 8.


There are many new features coming up with updates all over the world. After updating the mobile phone it will be very smooth, faster & easy to use.

Some features which are going to appear for Windows Phone 8.1 are:-

  1. Different Folder on the Start Display.
  2. SMS mix-up with merge.
  3. Consumer VPN.
  4. High speed & Smooth internet surfing.

Some expected updates for Lumia Denim. Lots of updates gonna come. Mostly the changes will be seen in the Camera apps & the photo capturing mode.

  1. Auto HDR with drastic Flash.
  2. Improved image quality.
  3. Shooting feature 4K@24fps videos.
  4. Faster Lumia Camera app.
  5. Faster photo capturing.

After seeing all these , expectation from Microsoft has increased while its showing that its going to work better for all the devices to keep it up to date every time.

Lets see the updates & its obvious peoples are waiting eagerly for the update.

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