Microsoft Lumia Phablet leaked informations

Recently it was announced that Microsoft Lumia 535 is going to be release very soon which could be next week on 11th November.

Currently the Lumia Phablet is known for Nokia Lumia 1520 but now from the Microsoft the new larged screen device can be introduced in the market which might be named as Microsoft Lumia 1330. The device Lumia 1330 ( assumed ) might have the 6-inches screen which is larger than the Microsoft Lumia 535.


All these are the assumption , but may be the Dummy of Lumia 1330 will be exposed on 11th November when the Lumia 535 will be introduced for the first time.

This is the first time we are getting an information about the Microsoft Phablet Lumia 1330. Its already mentioned in the previous article about the Microsoft Lumia 535.  

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