Leaked Photos of ZTE Nubia Z9 upcoming Gadget in China

ZTE’s phones are not been asked in the technical gadget market but still it is performing better. The previous phones of ZTE which were named as ZTE Nubia Z5 which was modified to ZTE Nubia Z7 so the upcoming device from ZTE could be named as ZTE Nubia Z9.


It is a Chinese brand & recently some pictures are leaked & can see below:-

Unfortunately, only the photos are leaked but no extra information is known about the Features , Camera & extraordinary quality of the device. In the above photograph we can see the round red home button at the bottom which is expected to be a finger sensor for screen lock.

Now, the leakage from China claims that the device should be named as Nubia Z9. It is said the phone will be sold in China & will be successful. The order can be placed by PayPal also.

Currently no further information is here to publish & spread except the photograph but we assure you for the Specifications, Price & more interesting details about the phone very soon.  

The Phone will be released in the end of the year 2014.

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