iPhone 9S ray concept.

Recently iPhone 6 has been launched in the market with highly configured features & best technology. With in past few years Apple has introduced many generations of its smart phones. Unknowingly it updated itself upto iPhone 6. Similarly there are many more expectations about the upper upgraded versions of iPhone series.

iPhone 9s:-

As the Apple lovers are always interested to know the upcoming interesting features of the smart phones.So,many rumours are also spread to it. Like:- every gadget user knows the competition strength of the Microsoft & iOS/OS X which are the leading technical companies giving the new features to the new gadgets. every month, everyday , everysecond the engineers are focusing to provide new updates for every applications.


iPhone 9s Ray Concept:

Ray Concept is the concept for using the device by touching the Ray released by it in a smooth way.Ray concept was already made up 2 years back but still not launched in any of the smart phones yet but there are huge chances for implementing of Ray concept in 9th version of the Apple smart phone. It will attract every user to purchase the gadget after releasing to experience the ray typing & using the device.



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