Recently the latest version of Iphone i.e, Iphone 6 has been launched all over the world & is giving better results in the market. Many peoples are purchasing the gadget but more expectations are there to be sold within this year 2014.


The real gadget lovers have already started assuming the graphics,looks,design,camera & many more things about the further iphone version which could be named as iphone 7. Its not sure for new iphone to be launched in the month of September like its happening in past 2 years, may be till July.


The real expectation by the gadget experts is made like:- as the past tradition of Iphone is of Adding “S”at the end. This time new iphone may not have the name as “S”. it could be Iphone L with some specific reason.IPHONE7


Besides these, iphone has given a big screen size to the iphone 6 but will not increase it’s size further & maintain it’s proper handy size. Moreover it can have 2GB RAM with normal storage memory.

Camera & Price:-

It will have the best camera quality in the group of the phones with higher screen quality with heavy protection. The calculation price can be like $649 starting upto $849.


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