iPhone 6 Review Pre Order Apple iPhone 6+ Specifications

iPhone 6 Review Pre Order Apple iPhone 6+ Specifications :-

The iphone 6 ,which has recently been launched & has already brought drastic changes in the world of the smart phones.Since last 4-5 months iphone lovers were waiting for latest version of apple phones to be released.The phone has alots of qualities regarding the looks,camera,design,screen, and many more …!! Let’s go to them ..!!

iPhone 6 Design :-

As we know, according to history of apple smart phones. It’s always well known for the stylish looks+strong body+best touch. From the session of iphone 4 the body structure has been continuing to be mettalic which makes it more stronger & best quality of screen glass. So , as you can see below . iphone 6 looks really very sleek, which is 6.9mm thin & total area of 138.1mmX67mm. which always makes us feel the user of apple series & is always one handed smart phone unlike other larger phones. Iphone 6 has the largest HD screen size of 4.7” which is the biggest ever had.iPhone 6 Review Pre Order Apple iPhone 6+ Specifications


In terms of internal strength of RAM & processors iphone 6 has not been brought with many changes. It has the similar RAM as of iphone versions 4,5,5s i.e, 1GB RAM with 1.4GHz processor whereas some said of 64-bit A8 chip ..!! But it’s looks,shape,design make it more funky attractive which helps to hide processing power..

Also the +point is there for GAME lovers. Apple has placed a new technology called “Metal” which plays a vital role for CPU & GPU to work together for delivering the console-style games etc.


DISAPPOINTMENT’ is the first thing that is given to the users in terms of camera quality of iphone series. Iphone 6 has also got the 8 MP camera which is as similar as past versions i.e, iphone 5,5s ..!! Every user had an expectation of atleast 12 MP camera but no changes have brought to the camera sequence.

But .. but.. but…!!

Focus Pixels allow it to autofocus faster than ever, there’s improved face detection, exposure control, digital image stabilisation to counter motion blur and shaky hands and improved photo apps to let you quickly edit images. Also iphone 6 camera has 2 best qualities , those are,it can capture 81% more lighter HD videos than the older series & can capture 10 photos per second which are really interesting!


In terms of the latest features. Iphone 6 version has included something new & usefull features which are new for Apple series.

Its not about camera & processors ..those are already discussed in above topics.The new feature is about the Apple pay which uses

NFC by which you can make contactless payments.it is not any new feature while it has already been used in Android phones but it is newly added to iphones + it is very usefull feature required in daily life. Also , this version of apple has also included something interesting. Its similar as iphone 5s .i.e, the motion co-processor which tracks all your daily behaviour WITHOUT CONSUMING THE BATTERY & unlock your phone by using the fingerprints.


So, as we all know that iphone 6 has the larger screen size which makes our mind to think battery consumer but the company has promised that it will last upto 14 hours of talk time,10 days standby ,11 hours of internet access or can say 11 hours of video. All over it is preety good & enough battery support comparitively to other smart phones like Samsung Galaxy s5 as an example. Like every iphone comes with memory of 16GB,32GB,64GB but this time its available in 128GB which will be really really expensive.

For connectivity ,it is similar than others like:- Wi-Fi,3G,bluetooth 4.0,4G & newly NFS .

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