HTC rotating Camera Assumption.

Currently Oppo Smart Phone is famous for it slimmest & rotating camera. It is successfully running in the market with good results. It has given an unique Quality & Facility to the users about the rotating camera. As you can see in the below pictures.


HTC :-

But now there is an Assumption that HTC will be the next to produce it’s new device which will have a rotating camera. It will be HTC rather than Samsung/Nokia because according to the past performances of HTC we can expect from HTC. Like we can see its unique varieties with looks & apps. HTC M8 is the model which had a greater sell in the market among others of HTC.

HTC Desire series & HTC One series rocked the market with its outstanding finishing & graphics & become a tough competitor against Samsung & Sony Android based smart phones. Going upon the looks & designs, its obvious to expect the rotating camera by HTC.

Camera Assumption:-

13MP (Rear & Front) because it’s a rotating camera with 2 LED flash lights.

4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus. Panorama 1080p@60fps,HDR & stereo sounds recording.


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