DxOMark declares MOTOROLA Nexus 6 in Top 10 best Camera

DxOMark has tested MOTOROLA for the Camera quality testing which has already published the results. The 13MP ,autofocus camera of Nexus 6 has been enlisted in the Top 10 of Best Image quality in mobile phones camera. It hold the 6th position in Top 10.

Its really obvious that the 1st position will be reserved by the Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6Plus to have the best Camera around. Later comes other Android devices of Samsung , Sony i.e, Galayx S5 , Xperia Z3 & Xperia Z2 which are holding 2nd position which are also tested by DxOMark.


Image Quality:-

When shooting in bright light Nexus 6 gives good image quality in still photo capture which delivers high crispy pictures with dark details. It also gives good details while shooting with the help of LED light in the darkness.


Video Quality:-

Coming to video shooting mode, while taking videos, the device gets good rate in terms of color rendering, texture preservations. Some improvements are still required for good video quality which can bring to the Top 5 list because  rolling shutter artifacts are visible.

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