Deregistering Tool from Apple to remove number from iMessage

iPhone has got a facility for receiving messages,documents,videos,photos & many other files to the registered user contact number. This facility helps by providing the files when the iOS device is switched off. But what if the device is lost or changed to other OS phones, it remained active & the files get reached to the next user using already registered device.


Now, a solution has been brought to it by Apple about Deregistering the number from iMessage. It is an online tool which is used to De-register the number. It is simple to use. The following steps we need to follow:-

  1. Open the app in Computer/Mobile.
  2. Enter the phone number which needs to be deregistered.
  3. A verification code will be sent to the respective number.
  4. Confirm the code.

Many users had to face the problem regarding the SMS & other files but no more.

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