Comparisions of APPLE MacBook Pro & DELL XPS laptop with latest Versions.

We all know, MacBook ‘the Apple Laptops’ are really highly built with best quality hardwares with lustrous finishing. It is very well known for its best body structure, smoothness of the processor.

Similarly Dell Laptops are also very famous & known for the best feature providing machine than the other brands. It has the best attractive look with efficient features in affordable price.

LETs go with the latest versions of both the branded machines.

Apple:- Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina Display (2014)

Dell:- Dell XPS 15(2014)

Apple:- MacBook has covered around 43% of Laptop users all around the world which directly shows the quality it contains & the satisfaction it gives to every users. Even directors,photographers,moviemakers,fashion designers use the MacBook for their daily technical work. But the new Pro 15” has come up with the same physical look than the older year versions.

Dell:-Dell laptops has covered more than 50% of area of laptop users in India. It reveals the positive advantages of Dell rather than other brands. It gives every single features with best quality in affordable price. The latest machine which has arrived in the market is Dell XPS 15(2014).



MacBook Pro is made with clear finishing as it is always made with no visible joints bcoz its made with single Aluminium framed work. Like previous MacBook it has got the sharp edges with curved corners & has 2 speakers at two different sides of the keyboard. After including all these the mass of the Machine is 2 KGs & its 18mm-thick.

Dell XPS 15 had taken some physically designing ideas by Apple  , like :- it also uses the Aluminium for it’s body flurising & designs. To connect the different outer parts Carbon-Fibre has been used by which the joints are visible but still looks good but now as the MacBook. After the finishing the physical formalities its mass is 1.88KGs & its 17mm-thick.

In the matter of looks,designs MacBook & Dell have the Draw.

Display Qualityà

MacBook Pro has the screen size of 15.4”  with 2880 x 1800 resolutions with pixel density of 220 ppi. While Dell XPS 15 has the screen size of 15.6” with 3200 x 1880 with 238 ppi.

As a result Dell has beat the MacBook in terms of Display.


In case of the connectivity, Dell has the more USB ports comparing to the Apple. Like Dell has 3 x USB ports , 1 x USB 2 connection also has an SD card reader + mini-DisplayPort Outputs.

MacBook has 2 x USB 3 connectors ,it also has an SD card reader. It doesn’t have any Display Port but it has included versatile Thunderbolt connectors, which are used to connect monitors.

Both have Bluetooth            4. Dell has included an adapter with it while MacBook has not ,so have to seek for it around.


The latest versions of OS is very secured & advanced. The Safari Apps & Calendar have been made much more better & every payment asks for Credit Card & the password to make it secure while in XPS it needs to be added externally with extra charges.

Dell has also many extra features but comparitivey MacBook has more advanced features with good features & security. Like XPS can instantly be rebooted with similar OS of Windows8 or Windows 8.1

Soo.. MAcBook is again the winner here.

Battery lifeà

Simple example for battery backup is.. while playing continuos Video in MacBook the battery lasted finally upto more than 8 hours but in Dell XPS Battery lasted less than 4 hours .

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