Calling Pen-Drive Concept.

A calling Pen Drive ? How would it be? Strange?

“Bluetooth” is a device used for easy calling which is fixed in our ear for talking just as similar we do via mobile phone but it is connected to our mobile with respective network & SIM number.

So a new device can also be generated by the smart Engineers which can be used as Pen-Drive or Calling. It might have the physical appearance like Bluetooth device/Pen-Drive or similar to those. We can still use a Net-settler for calling with our computer & utilizing a head-phone.


The concept created by the team of “Gadgetguruji” is–> It could have similar look like a normal Pen-Drive.

  • It can have a SIM-slot + Memory card Slot.
  • The numbers can be saved by computers.
  • Calling selection can be done by voice orders.
  • Calling can be possible only for saved contacts.
  • There will be a Mike & a Speaker for calling process.
  • It will be portable & chargeable.

No prediction can be made about which brand will produce it because the competition between all the brands are endless.

Price:-  The expected price could be around $100-$120.

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