BlackBerry Telephones for Business.

As we all know BlackBerry is highly known for its business quality & support. Like in many big companies of India & further foreign countries BlackBerry is preferred for the employees to get the proper mails & works.

So, how would it be if BlackBerry releases a landline phone.

  • Will it be smart?
  • Will it be based on Android OS?
  • Will it have SIM-Slots?
  • Will we be able to surf internet & download?
  • Will we get smart facilities as we get in MOBILE PHONEs?
  • Will it have RAM, Memorycard slot?


The company can release the landline device very soon. There will be good demand of it in the market for better performance & connectivity. It can also help for connecting all other Mobile phones of the employees & to spread the information in short time.

Since, it will be a landline telephone by BlackBerry but the technology has developed a lot more than the expectation in short period then there are many more chances for it to run on Android OS & can obviously surf internet. The speed will be dependent on the Internet Service Provider”. It’s number pads will be on a Touchable screen

The RAM will support the machine for better performance in the office with better speed & provide the informations quickly. It will also be helpful to get an instant knowledge from GOOGLE.

Its very logical thing that it wont have any SIM-Slots because it’s a telephone & will be landline device but yes there will be Memory card slot but the thing we can download will be only the “Excel, Word” files & besides these it can run FM-Radio.

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