BlackBerry Passport Gold plated of 24K.

BlackBerry the leading brand of Mobile Phones which is mostly known for business smartphones has now brought a new look. i.e, it has covered with a 24KGold plate.

Recently in month of September a new smart phone was launched in the market by BlackBerry which was really stylish & handy device. It was really sleek phone with 3-row Qwerty keypad with really good features.

So, now this device is Gold plated by the country Vietnam. It is plated with stainless Gold liquid for it’s longer durability which gives an awesome shine with attractive looks.


It is really a long process to cover with Gold which takes around 3-4 hours for a single smartphone which makes it appear to really higher price which will harm everybody’s Wallet whoever is interest to purchase the gadget.

Price:- Price of casual BlackBerry Passport is really low comparision to the Gold Plated. It costs around $250-$255 which is affordable but still the 24K Gold Plated will cost around $400-$475 to which we need to pay $150-$200 extra for the Gold.

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