Benchmark leaked LG H440n is Powered by Lollipop

Now-a-days LG is progressing rapidly on its update,software,applications & many more. Recently in Korea the Android 5.0 leak was for LG G3 flagship. Now, its likely to be obvious that the company is also checking other Lollipop devices.  

Now again it is leaked by Benchmark regarding internal issues of LG H440n. This device went through an HTML5 Test to confirm whether it supports the latest updated version of Google Chrome which gave a positive result.

The physical appearance & other features of the device will be announced very soon in the beginning of the 2015. But the first H series of LG will be on big demand in US. While LG H440n in an European version gadget  & H441 + H443 will go through AT&T & T-Mobile in the US. The information available is only that the screen will have 720p. currently no information is collected about the size & the range of the phone.

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