Ativ S of Samsung gets updated to Windows 8.1

Windows version OS was only known for the Nokia smartphones but recently The latest version of Windows.i.e, Windows 8.1 is ready to be installed in Samsung Ativ S. It will fascinate the Samsung Device users to experience the Windows OS in the Samsung phones which were unexpected.Samsung was only known for the Android based mobile phones but its no more.

According to the news, Both Italy & Germany owners of Samsung Ativ S were asked for the new update. Now Italy has confirmed the request for the Windows version Update & will also be available in European countries soon because of it’s demand.


Updates effect:-

This update will come with very new features for Samsung but almost similar to the Nokia Windows Smart Phones.

  • Tiles Home Screen.
  • Swipe Keyboard with optional addition of Tiles (If required).
  • New tiles for Camera & Music.
  • Shutter for Notifications with better Bing search option.
  • Videos & Music are now 2 different options.
  • The Calendar,Internet Browser,Task Manager are also well updated.

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