3D Display Concept in Mobile Phone

Now-a-days the technology is progressing every day, every minute with new innovations in every field ,mainly in technology Gadgets.

Before peoples used to pay a lot just a simple mobile phone lets say Nokia 1100. When it got released people paid 10000 USD-INR for the phone which was used only for calling. But slowly further many new innovations came. Then people used to pay 30-35 thousands for a Camera which was used only for taking Photographs.


Then the engineers combined the 2 different gadgets in 1. Camera in a mobile phone but the gadget was not able to give the picture quality like the Professional Camera those times though gadget lovers used to purchase as a luxurious phone.

Then people started making new concepts everyday according to their desires & requirements then slowly engineers started sharing their ideas & started creating new gadgets & now we all can see the result.

Now many various devices are innovated with best quality & low prices in comparision to those devices. The higher camera quality given by Nokia in Nokia Lumia 1020.i.e, 41MP. Before people sketched Zig-Zag lines & designed different pictures in same in different positions & first it was available as stickers which used to fascinate little kids. Then it was innovated as a movie (moving cartoon) but in the movie all different sketches need to be seen together for all experience then a Glass was made as a solution to it.

Concept of 3D Display:-

As peoples are getting almost all facilities in their mobile phones.

 They may get the facility to enjoy the 3D movies with 3D experiences in their mobile phones. The team of “Gadgetguruji” has created a concept about 3D Display of upcoming future mobile/TAB.

Like we watch 3D movie in theatres  by wearing 3D Glass ,while watching it in phone it will not require any extra equipment.

The device may look just as normal as a smart phone but will have many extra features for 3D experience.

 The device may be covered with some other screen display which we can be activated while watching the 3D videos. It may have some special coated display to throw out the special effects & make it feel real. There may be 2 different screen glasses even it can edit the loaded pictures & videos into 3D representation. According to the technology the pictures may also be clicked in 3D mode for better enhancement.

Many people may think about the battery consumption. So, its true if we want to get the entertainment we will need some extra battery life but the engineers will surely bring a new solution to it by increasing it’s battery strength.

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